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Recent Marriage Articles

Tackle Marriage Problems Head-On
There is a tendency among many married people to ignore their marriage problems, either in the hopes that they will blow over and go away, or because they're not sure how to actually solve those problems....
Run, Don't Walk To Your Marriage Encounter Retreat
Sometimes a spouse can encourage another spouse to participate in a marriage encounter retreat, only to get some resistance. A mate may not want to sit around with other couples talking about very personal...
The Most Common Problem in Marriage
While there is no end to the problems that can cause marital breakups, in reality they often boil down to one simple factor - selfishness. One spouse acts selfishly, or more likely, both spouses are very...
Words of Wisdom About Early Marriage
It seems strange that anyone would need to offer cautions about early marriage these days, since statistically it seems that most people are actually putting off marriage until they are in their late thirties...
Questions Before Marriage? Ask Now or Forever Hold Your Peace.
If you're contemplating asking someone to marry you or you're already engaged, there are some important questions before marriage that you should consider, both by yourself and with your significant other....

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